Samar Naseer



• I aim to get acquainted with the labor market, deal with the outside community, and gain several experiences by practicing my specialization and applying what I learned during the years of study on the work world. • I aspire to have the right job to be that person who I always wanted to be.

Work experience

Ink for Media Production, imp - Translator I worked as a translator in the area of translation of news , I worked five hours a day, two to three days a week. The activities inside the company were differentiate from one week to another between News translating, paraphrasing and transcription of the video’s text.

2021 - Feb | 2021 - May

Future generation center - Trainer

2019 - Jun | 2019 - Aug


Al- Israa University - English literature and translation Bachelor

2017 - Aug | 2021 - Aug


  • _ Good correspondence and communication skills.
  • _ Ability to work under pressure and with a group.
  • _ Translation texts from Arabic to English or the opposite.
  • _ Voice over Skill.
  • Using various methods and styles during the training classes.
  • Compliance with work schedules.